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       Pay-per-use license
For occasional use (photocopying, scanning and sharing content)
For a specific use
Purchase online
Legal guarantee and observing copyright
Repertoire: More than 6 million publications
If we do not have permission, we will contact the copyright holder
       Annual license
For frequent use (photocopy, scan and share content)
Annual flat rate tariff
A member of the sales team will contact you to advise you according to your sector
Legal guarantee and observing copyright
Repertoire: More than 20 million publications
Demonstrate corporate social responsibility

I want a pay-per-use license

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Welcome to conlicencia.com

conlicencia.com is the platform for the online sale of pay-per-use licenses for use for photocopying and for digitising books, magazines and newspapers.

Here you will also find a catalogue of annual licenses adapted to businesses, education environments and institutions that need to copy and share fragments of publications on a frequent basis.

*Note: conlicencia.com supplies permission but not the copyrighted content itself.