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About conlicencia.com

conlicencia.com is an online sales platform that issues pay-per-use licenses to reuse the contents of books, magazines, and newspapers in Spanish and in other languages.

These licenses allow companies, schools, and government agencies to reproduce and share fragments of the works contained in our catalogue. We also offer a service to locate copyright holders as well as an intermediary service.

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer comprehensive solutions for our clients to legally use the publications contained in our catalogue.

Our VIsion:

Our vision is to become the global reference for pay-per-use licenses to reuse books, magazines, and newspapers in Spanish and other languages.

Our values:

  • - Simplicity in the use of our platform.
  • - Safety when it comes to protecting your information and purchase details.
  • - Transparency throughout the entire licensing process.
  • - Efficiency in our management procedures.
  • - Flexibility in adapting to our clients’ needs.
  • - Responsibility with the intellectual property rights of the creators and producers of publications.

About us

CEDRO, the Spanish Reproduction Rights Centre, is a not-for-profit association of authors and publishers of books, magazines, periodicals, and sheet music that have been published in any medium or format.

We collectively defend and manage the intellectual property rights derived from the secondary use (reproduction, transformation, public disclosure, and distribution) of these publications.

We have been authorised by the Spanish Ministry of Culture to carry out this function since 1988.

Our mission

Our mission is to represent and defend the legitimate interests of authors and publishers of books and periodicals by facilitating and promoting the legal use of their works.

Who we represent

At CEDRO, we represent the authors and translators of all types of printed works, including literary, scientific, technical, educational, and journalistic works, etc.

CEDRO also represents the publishers of books, sheet music, periodicals (cultural and specialist journals), and newspapers.

In addition, we represent associated authors and publishers from over 30 countries in Spain.

For more information, please visit: www.cedro.org