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CEDRO's Annual License Repertoire

CEDRO, through the Intellectual Property Act, is authorised to manage remuneration for loans, compensation for private copying, and remuneration for the use of fragments of works for university purposes.

In Spain, CEDRO is responsible for managing the rights of all of the rightsholders of printed works or of works that may be printed (books, magazines, newspapers, sheet music, etc.). This includes both national and international works (compulsory collective management repertoire).

CEDRO also grants licenses to reproduce fragments of the works of authors who have requested that we manage their rights (voluntary collective management repertoire).

Our voluntary collective management repertoire consists of the works of our partners and of the international organisations with whom we have signed a representation agreement for the use of their works in Spain.

To find out more on a specific work, please use our search bar.

Below you will find a categorised list of publishers (last revised in October 2018).

To find out more on works according to their country of publication, please consult our international repertoire.
Si desea conocer el repertorio de CADRA le invitamos a visitar este enlace:
Si desea conocer el repertorio de CDR le invitamos a visitar este enlace: