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What is an intermediary service?

In addition to issuing licenses which allow institutions and organizations (from law firms and pharmaceutical laboratories to music schools and universities, etc.) to reproduce parts of the works that we have in our catalogue on a regular basis, CEDRO is also in the position to offer ad hoc solutions for projects which require a different use for these works.

For example:

  • An institution wants to reproduce a series of works in their entirety to make them available to a number of users through an e-learning platform.
  • A company wants to reproduce fragments of poems by a certain author as part of an advertising campaign.
  • A library wants to reproduce a work in its entirety and make it available to the public through its webpage.

This is where CEDRO can help. Thanks to our knowledge of the sector and our close relationship with authors and publishers, we have the ability to channel requests of this sort and mediate the interests of our users and those of the copyright holders themselves.

Thanks to our intermediary service, we help bring the needs of users and the interests of rights holders together, efficiently managing the many uses for works that users may have.

If you need clearance to use any type of content, contact us.

CADRA ofrece la posibilidad de localizar titulares y servir como intermediario entre el titular y quien requiera una autorización específica, le invitamos a contactar con nosotros en: